Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi High School SGH Project
2018 Overseas Field Work China Tianjin Report

■ Schedule:December 16 (Sunday) to December 20 (Thursday) 2018
■ Participants:12 students and 2 teacher leaders

Day 1 December 16 (Sun) weather sunny(Aichi) sunny (Tianjin)

 11: 00 Departure via Japan Airlines 841 (JL 841), 13:30 Arrived at Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Met up with Mr. Liu, the local guide, and visited two places in the city.

① Zhou Enlai · Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall

 (Memorial Hall in memory of the First Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai and his wife Deng Yingchao)

② Tianjin Radio and Television Tower

 (At 415.2 m high, this television tower is the highest building in Tianjin. It has an observation room at a height of about 250 m and can overlook the city in 360 degrees).

③Jiefangbei Road (Liberation North Road) car tour

 (architectural group of the old concession area)


The students before departure

Listening to Mr. Liu, our local guide

The departure day was hazy…

Day 2 December 17 (Mon) weather clear (Tianjin)

 On Day 2 they visited Tianjin Foreign Language University Affiliated Foreign Language School in the morning, while in the afternoon they visited some commercial facilities.

① Visit to Tianjin Foreign Language University Affiliated Foreign Language School

 Mr. Qi Yujun (head of international department), Mr. Zhao Xiangyu (Japanese teacher, exchange staff at a foreign language school), and two high school students who took Japanese language served as tour guides. First of all, three second year high school students who took the Japanese language dubbed a Japanese drama and played a game in groups with hints using some Japanese items.They did a skit based on the Japanese drama "Doraemon" in Japanese. After that, although time was limited, the groups interacted with one another and the 50-minute session passed quickly.Next, the group participated in the national flag raising ceremony held every Monday for all students, followed by English lessons for the third year junior high school students. Next was a tour of Tianjin Foreign Languages School's memorial hall and lunch was at the student canteen.The students played basketball and badminton with one another at the gym until departure time. Everyone was surprised at the hardworking Chinese students.

②Taking the subway to Tianjin Aeon Mall Northeast

 THe group took the subway from the station at the subsidiary branch near the Foreign Languages School.They changed train once on the way and visited one of the four AEON Malls Northeast Branch in Tianjin City ("Yongyuan" is Aeon in Chinese). While walking around the shop, they bought some souvenirs and then returned to the hotel by bus. The subway ticket was made of plastic so that it could be reused. The ride was very comfortable.


Interaction with students from Tianjin Foreign Languages School

Ideas and views were exhanged within a short period of time.

The subway's ticketing booth

Day 3 December 18 (Tue) weather clear (Tianjin)

 Day 3, visit to Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and tour of the city.

①Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

 This university was founded as a university to teach traditional medicine for the first time in China.Mr. Lee Hainan, chief of the Foreign Liaison Committee of International Liberal Arts College, welcomed the visitors from Japan. In June of this year the campus moved from the city center to the suburbs and as the site of the new campus was huge, those in there moved around by bus in it. First of all, a teacher from the International Education Academy Director greeted the group. They listened to the explanation about the educational contents of the university and interacted with local students who were studying acupuncture.The group then toured the students' training rooms and laboratories, where they were shown laboratory instruments and models. They also visited the herbal mountain where medicinal herbs of Oriental herbs were grown (most herbs had withered as it was winter ...).Everyone was observing the medical instruments with great interest as they had never seen them before.

②Visit to Yang Liuqing Museum (Shi Family Grand Courtyard)

 Yang Liuqing Town is a town known as one of the leading ancient towns in China's northern region with over 1000 years of history.The restoration process since last year is nearly finished. The Shi Family Grand Courtyard is one of the leading houses in Tianjin, and now it was a museum that showcases Chinese customs.

③Visit to Tianjin Museum of Folklore and the old Cultural streets

 Old town with 800 years of history. This is the place that can be said to be the birthplace of Tianjin. After visiting the Tianjin folk museum, the group had free activity. There are many shops dealing with old books, toys, traditional handicrafts, foods and drinks. Students purchased Chinese souvenirs and also challenged price negotiations.


Experience of pulse diagnosis experimental device

Entrance to Shi Family Grand Courtyard

Old cultural street lined with shops riches Chinese culture ambience

Day 4, December 19 (Wed) Weather Sunny (Tianjin)

 In the morning of Day 4, the group visited Tianjin University of Technology. In the afternoon, the group toured the agricultural facility at Wanmiao Agricultural Model Base, Jeanavice (Taijin) Food Co., Ltd., the local operation of Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.On this day, we coordinated with Mr. Kawai Takanori and others of Jeanavice (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd.

①Visit to Tianjin University of Technology

 Firstly, the group was given a briefing from Tianjin University of Technology and presentation by two Japanese students (from Kansai Gaidai University) at the International Exchange Center, before visiting the exhibition room.As for the facilities, the library (huge in size at 6 stories), the process training center (industrial training building), the gymnasium (completed last year with the standard of the state's first grade facility ).Lunch was at the student cafeteria 's VIP Room. We received a big welcome. Everyone looked satisfied with a scrumptious meal.

②Visit to Wanmiao Agricultural Model Base

 As part of the national agricultural comprehensive development plan, we visited facilities that cultivate Shishito, eggplant, dragon fruit, eggplant, radish in several plastic houses, and also tasted the cultivated vegetables on the spot.Also, I also visited an earthworm cultivation factory that was set up recently. It was surprising to see the red meat in the red fruit dragon fruit.

③Visit to Jeanavice (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd.

 60% of Beijing's and 80% of Tianjin's bread and sweet buns sold in Seven Eleven convenience stores are baked in a bakery business jointly owned by Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd., headquartered in Yokkaichi city, and Francois Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka city.After a briefing of the company outline, the group had a factory tour.When entering the manufacturing site, the group underwent a severe hygiene control. They visited along the production lines of mixing, molding, refrigeration fermentation, baking, packaging, shipment of the end products and so on.The students got a taste of freshly baked bread at the end of the tour as well as souvenirs. They were twice pleasantly surprised.


The viewing room of the library of Science and Technology University

Lunch at a round table

Precaution notes on hygiene management of Jeanavice Food

Day 5, December 20 (Thu) Weather clear (Tianjin)

 In the morning on the last day, the group visited Wu Dadao which is located in the city's former British Concession Zone.

①Tour of Tianjin Museum of Modern History

 A historical museum which was opened in 1953. It showcases mainly the detailed history and culture of modern Tianjin.

②A walk in Wu Dadao (Fifth Avenue)

 Wu Dadao used to be part of the British concession zone from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. Many Westerners settled down here, and there were many Western style buildings (where many Chinese corporations are using as their offices now) which give the streets an exotic ambience. While the group was taking a walking tour, they saw many such buildings.
 Parted at the airport with Mr. Liu the local guide after lunch and departed at 14: 35 via Japan Airlines 840 flight (JL 840). Arrived safely at 18:30 Central Japan International Airport. After the final confirmation the group was dissolved.


Entrance of Wu Dadao (Fifth Avenue)

Buildings in a corner of the Old Concession Area

Tianjin City street view from the car

 The students made remarkable progress through the five-day fieldwork. Their had opinions as follows; "The image of China has dramatically changed." "I used to have prejudice to China." "I was able to see industrialized China through the visit." "The Chinese students I met studied much harder than I and I was stimulated." They are preparing for the SGH Super Presentation held on February 5th, 2019.