2018 Shiko (Yokkaichi High Schools) SGH Super Presentation

 The 2018 Shikko SGH Super Presentation was held at our school sports hall fron February 5 (Tue) at 13:00 onward.Through SGH activities, this event was held as a forum in its final year as a place to consolidate the results of researches by university faculty members, corporate managers, employees, etc. and give back to the local community. At the forum, the students gave recommendations and had exchange of ideas with regional companies and research institutions.

 First, after the opening speech by Principal Matsuoka, 12 students who went to Cambodia, Tianjin China overseas field work gave a presentation on their training report in English.
 In Cambodia's training report, recommendations were made on the newly added schools that they visited, facilities and universities, introductions on the history and culture , and finally on how they would participate in local issues and tasks. Meanwhile, in the training report of China and Tianjin, matters such as the environmental problems, living conditions such as transportation, the high schools and universities visited were also reported in detail. At the end, the concept "the importance of actually watching myself while overseas" was emphasized.



 After that, three students who were selected in November during their internal school presentations presented their conducted research "Recommendations to the global community and opinion exchange forum".
 Research themes, presenters, research contents are as follows.

① "Forest power generation - burning trees to protect the environment"
 Year 2 Class 4 Ayaka Iishiba

 In modern times, electricity has become indispensable in our lives. It makes life easy and convenient. However, the quality of life now has changed as earth has deteriorated to a state in which life is unsustainable. Then shall we discard convenience? Probably it would be impossible.What we need to do now is how to maintain convenience without destroying the global environment.Therefore, I propose "Forest Power Generation" (burning trees to generate electricity) as a power generation method to replace fossil fuel generation.Based on the strengths and weaknesses of this method of power generation, I would like to consider the generation of electricity in the world in future.

② "Decrease in juvenile offenses via the improvement of special welfare institutions for children"
Year 2 Class 9 Tomhiro Kajiwara

 In recent years, there has been an increase in violent crimes by juveniles, so much so that it has become a social problem. Under such circumstances, is it unreasonable to seek public opinion to severely punish juvenile crime? However, the background of juvenile crime is complicated and easy punishment is counterproductive.

③ "The bright future of dementia"
Year 2 Class9 Kazuki Nakajima

 In the past, dementia was termed senility and it was then believed that there was no cure for this disease. Now while the name has changed to that of dementia, the number of patients has been on the rise.This number will increase further by the year 2050, and it is feared that 1 in about 12 Japanese people will develop dementia. This is no longer a matter that only concerns others. In the imminent future, it may become our own problems, so it is a question to be given serious consideration.In view of this, I want to try to find a solution from a slightly different perspective.



 After breaks, there was a Q & A session and discussion between the students in the audience and the students who gave the presentation chaired by Mr. Yasunori Iwasaki (president of Yokkaichi University) at the venue.Lastly, Mr. Junji Tanekashi (Chairman of the Yokkaichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and Ms. Park Hye-Sook (Professor of the Faculty of Humanities, Mie University Faculty of Humanities, Department of Regional Innovation Studies, Director of the Regional ECO System Research Center) gave us comments in the special fields.
 In response to each research presentation, the importance of "the ability to go to the actual site to solve the questions by listening to the story at the workplace", the research theme in line with the "Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs)", certain challenges such as how to gather evidence were also presented. A large number of questions and opinions were given from both the Years 1 and 2 students on the spot, which helped to further deepen the discussion.