School outline

■Location and Facilities


 Postal Code 510-8510
 Mie-Ken, Yokkai-shi, Tomida 4-1-43
 Telephone(Representative) 059(365)8221
 Kinki Nippon Railway, Kintetsu Tomida Station, walk 1 minute
 JR Kansai Main Line, Tomida Station, Walk 7 minutes



【April 1, 1899】Mie Prefecture Daini Junior High School founded.

【April 1, 1899】Yokkaichi City Sewing School founded

【April 1, 1926】Mie Prefecture Tomisuhara-Cho Senior Girls High School

【May 23, 1948 】With the relocation of high schools in Mie Prefecture, Mie Prefecture Tomita Junior High School, Yokkaichi Girls Senior High School and Yokkaichi City Kita Girls High School were merged and Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi High School (collaboration with communication system education) was established. This is designated as anniversary of foundation day.

【March 31, 1949】With the implementation of the high school school district system Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi SeniorHhigh School, Mie Prefectural Yokkaichi Technical High (Including Komono Branch school), Mie Prefecture Kawarada High School were integrated to form the Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi Senior High School.The departmental system with 3 departments under 1 principal was established. They were the Tomita department(general, commerce, and domestic), the Hamada Department (general and technical) and the Kawarada department (general and agriculture).

【March 31, 1950】With the amendment in the school district , the departmental system was abolished and Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi Senior High School (general and domestic) (Including correspondence education) was formed.

【April 1, 1954】Addition of Clothing Department under the revision of Mie prefecture high school regulations.

【1 April, 1955】The school name was changed to Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi High School.

【March 16, 1974】Comprehensive selection system and Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi Minami High School started.

【April 1, 1987】Abolition of student recruitment for clothing department decided by Mie prefectural Board of Education (dated November 30, 1984).

【April 1, 1989】Abolition of student recruitment for home economics department decided by Mie prefectural Board of Education (dated November 15, 1988).

【September 15, 1989】Celebration for the 90th Anniversary.

【April 1, 1994】Establishment of general courses and international science courses decided by Mie Prefectural Board of Education (dated September 30, 1993).

【March 15, 1995】The Comprehensive Selection System that lasted 21 years in Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi Minami High School was abolished.

【April 1, 1996】Change in school uniform.

【September 12, 1999】Ceremony of 100th Years Anniversary.
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【April 1, 2002】Start of 2 full weekend rest days, 65 minutes class lesson and 2 semester system.

【April 7, 2003】The school designated to be a Super Science High School (SSH) from Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

【April 1, 2005】Acquirement of domain is acquired and renewal of homepage. Web address(URL)…

【April 1, 2006】Abolition of recruitment of correspondence system decided by Mie Prefecture Board of Education.

【December 14, 2007】The construction of the training ground is completed.

【March 3, 2008】The construction of the clubhouse is completed.

【December 5, 2009】Celebration for the 110th Anniversary.

【April 1, 2012】Mie SSH (Super Science High School) designated by Mie prefectural Board of Education. New summer uniform changed.

【April 1, 2014】Designated as the super global high school (SGH) designation from Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
【April 1, 2018】Designated as Super Science High School (SSH) from Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

■School policy

Image of an Ideal School(fundamental Philosophy)
Like a brilliantly shining octagonal star despite facing steep adversities

 (Octagonal star) = symbol of Shiko
 · Manifestation of the passion in young people in their multiple developments
 · The number "eight" symbolizes the rejection of uniformity and the embrace of diversity in values. The "edges" in the octagonal shape symbolizes strong endurance and perseverance in the mind in the face of adversities, and the collected determination in overcoming the problems.

Desirable and inspirational image of a student that one wants to become

 · Autonomy and spirit of self-discipline (in academics and daily life)
 · Broad vision (Global Mind and Citizenship (Citizen))
 · Broad vision (Global Mind and Citizenship (Citizen))

■Two semester system

First semester (April to September)

 ・ April: Opening ceremony / Entrance ceremony / Freshmen welcome party / Ability test
 ・ May: Sports Meet/ SGH Seminar
 ・ June: First semester mid-term test/Ability test/Saturday Learning Session
 ・ July:Class match/Parents meeting/Summer supplementary lessons
 ・ August: Summer supplementary lessons/Summer Speical Seminar/Ability test/homework test
 ・ September: Shiko Festival(Four High School Festival)/Saturday Learning Session/First Semester End of Term Tests

Seocnd Semester ( October to March)

 ・ October: Start of second semester/Cultural events / school trips / excursions / Saturday study sessions
 ・ November: Ability tests/Saturday Learning Session/SGH English Lecture / Human Rights Lecture
 ・ December: Second Semester Mid-term Exam / Parents' Association Meeting
 ・ January: Ability test/Saturday Learning Session
 ・ February: Marathon Race / Saturday Learning Session / End of School Year Tests / SGH Super Presentation
 ・ March: Graduation ceremony/Class Match/Completion ceremony / Tour of Tokyo University, etc.


Lesson duration is 65 minutes

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri Wed
SHR 08:35 ~ 08:45
08:50 ~ 09:55
Lesson2  10:05 ~ 11:10
Lesson3  11:20 ~ 12:25
Break  12:25 ~ 13:10
Lesson4  13:10 ~ 14:15
Lesson5 14:25~15:30
Lesson6   15:15~16:05